Nanny’s Mini Goats


Located on the Leon River in Hamilton County, Texas, Nanny’s Mini Goats is the happy home of Pygmy / Nigerian Dwarf Cross goats. With years of experience raising Boer goats, and as one of 2CrazyGoatLadies for the past 2 and a half years, Nanny’s Mini Goats’ new solo venture is already a whole lot of fun.

We raise friendly, healthy, and happy goats. All of the Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf babies born here on our farm are handled and played with daily.

The does are not over-bred, and out of the 50 grown does here on the farm, about 7 or 8 are being bred each month. One male buck is kept here for breeding.

Many of these does are naturally polled (naturally have no horns) and are blue-eyed. All babies are disbudded when 5 to 10 days old, unless you have specifically requested that you want the horns left on. Colors are wild and varied, so many choices for you! Check our Facebook Page for the most current photos of our little goat babies.

Your experience with Nanny’s Mini Goats does not end with the purchase of a Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf baby goat. Questions may arise a week later, or a year later, and I am available to help. Even if you purchased your baby from another farm, I am happy to assist in any way possible.

Goats are herd animals, they do better and are generally happier if they have a goat friend. Both you and the baby goat will soon tire if you are its only friend.

When you are ready to add a Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf goat to your family, call Nanny’s Mini Goats at 254-709-0568 or email — you’ll be glad you did.